Hi. I have a big problem here. I mis-delete a survey without exporting all the horizons on it. Now the situation is, I can see the horizon names and other properties in the left panel, but there’s nothing on the map.

I tried to re-import the same survey, but the horizons are still not shown. I assume it is because the horizon distinguish surveys by ID rather than names. I am also not able to export the horizons because the message says the exported file is empty. I tried every format in the export panel.

All the original .hzn files are still in the user’s folder, but I cannot open and read them. But when I click the panel horizon-list horizon data and choose the horizon, I found the software can show the min and max value, so I assume these data are not damaged.

Is there anyway that allows me to read the data in .hzn file, or to re-connect the horizons to the new imported survey? Thanks.