I have to install the Kingdom Software 2018 and IHS supplied SQL Express 2014 installers. We are running Windows 10 1709 / 1803 x64 OS.
They are being installed into a student workroom so need to be installed through SCCM silently. I have used the /stage_only switch to extract the installers from both the Kingdom Software 2018 and IHS Kingdom SQL Express 2014 installers.
The Kingdom software is installing silently without any problems including the prerequisites (VCRedist 2010, 2012 and 2014).
I then try to install SQL silently, using the newinstall.ini configuration file. I edit the file to change these settings:
UIMODE removed
To allow SQL to be installed silently I have added these two lines:

We are using a local installation of the SQL database server, not a network (shared) server. I check and the service is running with the LocalSystem login, and the SMTKINGDOM instance is installed, and has all the protocols enabled.
When I create a project (the default directory is My Documents) and choose Auto SQL Server Express I get no SQL instance populated in the connect field. I select the SMTKINGDOM instance from the drop down list and get the message that SMTKINGDOM is not running currently.
I run the IHS SMT_SSCE configuration as admin (I am testing as a user as it will be used by users not admins) and check that the service account is set to Local. I then go back in, select Auto SQL Server Express and the SQL Server Connect field is populated, but I get an error message – the project database (test.mdf) failed with an operating system error 5 (access denied).
I then try Manual SQL Server Express and it goes through setting up the project. However when I reopen the project, I get asked if I wish to make the project portable, choose yes, but it fails.
Using SCCM I cannot run the IHS SMT_SSCE configuration to select local during the installation, as most installs will be done without anyone being logged on.
Can you please give me some idea where I am going wrong? I have tried a manual setup of SQL Express but could not get the login to the connection sorted.
I notice in the documentation you talk about the SQL account SMTKINGDOM, but that is SQL 2012, is it the same for 2014? I cannot see that has been created when I do the automated installation.
Thank you