Some seismic lines in my database display off the base map. These incorrect locations are only evident when in a display window viewing the seismic line, the blue “view box” is always in the correct location on the base map. These incorrect locations are also evident during horizon or segy export. The incorrect location information is exported. However, if I view the header information on the original segy file read into Kingdom, the location information is correct. Also if I view the “survey details” on the lines that have incorrect locations on the base map, the XY Limits and Lat-Long Limits are correct. Additionally, when viewing the seismic line in a Kingdom display window, the location information updates correctly as I move my cursor through the line. The line is shown in the correct location on the base map (grey line). It is only when I view the seismic line that the red line highlighting the open data shows incorrect locations.

I am unable to determine why certain lines will display with incorrect location information and why others do not. From what I can tell this has to be a problem with how the data is read in, but I use the same procedures on all lines, yet only certain lines have this error.

During export, one endpoint of the line will be in the correct location with the other location information extrapolated from that endpoint.

Is there something I can do to correct this problem? Is there an error that I am committing to cause this problem?