I received a copy of an SMT project, and one of the data types for a particular survey would not copy due to a drive failure, so I have a .ksd file that’s on a drive that no longer exists, which I can see in Data Type Management with the path to the missing drive. I now have the .sgy file for that data type for the survey, and I want to replace the seismic data for that data type in that survey, however when I try to load it for that survey, I get an error “seismic file T:\path\filename.ksd does not exist”. I’m trying to figure out the best way forward without causing any damage to horizons picked with that data type. Should I delete that data type from that survey, then reload using the identical data type name, or rename the missing data type (if it will let me), then load the new segy under the old name? That same data type name exists in another adjacent separate survey also, if that matters. Thanks for the help.