Hello, I see there are a few similar questions here already but I have not yet found the answer to my query.

I have a well that coincides with a seismic line. I have loaded a time-depth conversion for the well, and I have loaded the well’s associated log curves. Now I want to display the log curves on the seismic line but I cannot manage to do this.

I have clicked on the well-log icon in the seismic window, selected the well logs and tracks, selected “recompute” for the well logs, then Apply/OK, but no curves appear on the seismic. The wellbore itself shows up on the seismic, as expected since the time-depth curve is loaded.

When I open the Well Explorer, the log curves are associated with the correct well, and the well log data are loaded (digital), as I can see from the well log preview. However, I still can’t get the log curves to display on the seismic section.

Please can you help?