Free on-demand webcasts are available at the IHS Markit website. Scroll down to the webcasts. After filling out the registration form, you can access to them. You can replay them anytime later from the provided link:

– Reducing Geologic Uncertainty in Seismic Interpretation

(Workflows associated with GeoSyn and Kingdom’s SA inversion functionality integrated with interpretation techniques)

– Asset Analysis with Kingdom

(Building unique maps to provide insight into data trends, prospect potential and asset value)

– Quantifying Depth Conversion and Volumetric Uncertainty

(Creating accurate depth models with VelPAK to reduce uncertainty in reserves estimation and enhance velocity volumes for QSI & reservoir characterization)

– Introduction to Kingdom Analytics

(Spotfire engine as a powerful analytics tool for advanced data analysis)

– Introduction to Kingdom Petrophysics

(Synergy’s IP as integrated petrophysical interpretation package for characterizing rock properties of any type of reservoir)