I’m trying to import the Gulf of Mexico block and protraction shape files into Kingdom as culture data. I used ArcMap to convert the shape files to my Kingdom project’s projected coordinate system (WGS84 UTM16). However, when I tried to import the files into Kingdom as a culture layer, the program automatically plots the data around the origin (0,0) without prompting me to define the coordinate system despite selecting “set properties on import”. Naturally, the origin of WGS84 is nowhere near my actual dataset. However, when I import the data as culture group, the program prompts me to define the coordinate system (which I defined as WGS84 UTM16), and then Kingdom correctly plots the shape file. The only problem is that I can’t seem to post the shapefile labels or change the line thickness with culture groups, but I know I can do this with culture layers. My question is how do you get Kingdom to prompt the define coordinate system using culture layers?