I have a clearly defined channel system in my project that I want to calculate the volume for. To do this I need the average thickness of the channel. I have been able to establish the estimated thickness of my channel using tuning thickness (the channel is embedded within a reflector). I now have a thickness map of this channel.

Since the thickness varies widely in the channel, I cannot use an average thickness value for the whole system. I have had to break up the channel system into separate polygons of approximately the same thickness.

What I want to do is to have kingdom measure the average thickness value in each polygon. For some reason though, I cannot get this to happen. The closest I can get is to use the extended math calculator to calculate the mean thickness between 2 horizons. This is useless to me as I don’t have 2 horizons.

Is there any way for kingdom to simply average the thicknesses within the polygon?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please let me know if I need to clarify a point.